What Visitors Should Know When Coming To Sandy Lake

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It is correct procedure for all guests and visitors to advise the Chief and Council of their arrival in person. 


Airport security procedures is enforced on all luggage entering the communty by plane. It is procedure that all luggage is checked and searched by security personnel immediately after it is unloaded from the plane. Security personnel will remove alcohol, street drugs and other contraband that is prohibited by community by-law. Luggage will be available for pick up inside the airport terminal building after it has been searched. 

Winter road security procedures is enforced on all vehicles entering the community by winter road. It is procedure that vehicles and its contents are searched by security personnel at designated checkpoints prior to arriving in Sandy Lake First Nation. Security personnel will remove alcohol, street drugs and other contraband that is prohibited by community by-law. 


The Sandy Lake Radio Station is the community's primary source of information and communication. It is used to relay messages and make announcements. Tune in to 93.5FM to stay in touch with the community during your visit.

Cell phone services are available through K-Net Mobile. K-Net Mobile is a roaming partner of Rogers and Tbaytel.

Sandy Lake has highspeed Internet available to homes through their locally owned ISP "Sandy Lake Broadband". Sandy Lake Broadband runs a coaxial cable network to deliver Internet and Televisions channels. Sandy Lake benefits from a recent fibre optic upgrade to the community and cable plant upgrade to deliver over 1Mbps service to homes.


The community's road network is comprised of gravel roads. As a result, dust in very common during seasonal months and rain is often a welcome respite although things then tend to get muddy. 


Dress appropriately for the seasons and unpredictable weather. It is not uncommon to see a snowfall in May and Sandy Lake is known for muddy conditions after a good rainfall. Long sleeves and pants protect against mosquitos and blackflies. 


Expect to pay two to three times more than urban prices for food, grocery and gas. This is because of the high cost of shipping to remote, isolated communities.

For example:

A loaf of bread is approximately $4.00; 

A 2 litre carton of milk is almost $8.00;

A bag of apples is approximately $10.00; and

Gasoline is more than $2/L when it is not winter road season.

Local Transportation

There is no regular taxi service or car rentals. Transportation from the airport to your destination in the community should be arranged ahead of time by notifying someone of your arrival. 

Drinking Water

Tap water is acceptable drinking water. The Northern Store also sells spring water in various sized containers. 

Our Community

The people of Sandy Lake take pride in their community. Visitors who show courtesy and respect for the people and community will always be welcome back. We hope your visit is a friendly and spirited experience. 

Sandy Lake Radio

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