New Youth Council Elected

  • Posted on: 25 November 2013
  • By: admin
On November 18, 2013 the youth of Sandy Lake elected a new Youth Council. The five-member council is made up of one youth from each of the five main geographical areas of the community.

The new council appointed the positions of Chief, Deputy Chief and Councillors.

Chief Darrin Fiddler -  Airport/Big Rock
Deputy Chief Seth Fiddler - RC
Councillor Claudette Linklater - Center
Councillor Kristen McKay - OSM/GP
Councillor Jared Meekis - River

In a Facebook post on a Sandy Lake community page, Youth Chief Darrin Fiddler thanked the youth and congratulated his fellow Youth Council members. He said the Youth Council looks forward to involving the youth in more community events, instilling a sense of community pride and setting a positive outlook on life. 

"We hope to gain the support of our community and will do our best to make Sandy Lake a better place for the youth," said Fiddler.

The Youth Council will hold their positions for a one-year term. 

For more information on the Youth Council, please contact:

Youth Chief Darrin Fiddler
Telephone: 807-774-1564 (work)

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